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Twelve Days of Wilson

posted Oct 12, 2013, 11:23 AM by Green Valley Alliance

From an email blast sent Friday 10/11/13; we've had an email glitch and a number of addresses from our list will not have received it!  My apologies!...

GVA Friends:

Today is October 11th, and we are launching our “12 Days of Wilson” campaign.  We will be sharing a daily fact on our Gallery page - not via email for the next 12 days, until the Board of Supervisors hearing on October 22nd.  Check it out at:  

If you have been on our email list you have seen the 'Day 1' slide, so I am including tomorrow's slide as well ('Day 2'; it's only fair, right?).  We'll have a duplicate posting on our Facebook page so you can provide feedback if you'd like.  Understand why Wilson Estates is a problem, and let your supervisors know it.

Who says Land Use can’t be moderately entertaining?  At the very least, we wish to be clarifying.

Brought to you by Ellen and Kelley, for the Green Valley Alliance

ps.  By the way..the attorney for the Wilson project, as well as county counsel, agreed that the neighbors were indeed correct, that the proposed map could be redrawn to significantly higher density once the parcel is rezoned.  See video here: 

Urge our supervisors to DENY THE REZONE, and follow along on our website!