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No 'Easy' Button!

posted May 14, 2017, 7:28 AM by Green Valley Alliance
Sent to our email list of supporters March 1st, 2017:

Dear GVA friends and supporters:

1)  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO THANK SUPERVISORS FRENTZEN, HIDAHL, and RANALLI for their Board vote Tuesday, Feb 28th, supporing the final Findings for Denial of Dixon Ranch. They upheld their decision in the face of pleas from the developer and lobbying from the other two supervisors, who hoped to kick this can down the road with a continuance.  Our sincere thanks to the three of them!!!

2)  We've gotten a number of requests from folks asking us to handle upcoming projects that may impact Green Valley Rd.  We appreciate that, because it shows a growing hope that problematic developments like Dixon Ranch CAN be stopped.  

This message is to inspire you to act, because ultimately, you are responsible for your own backyard, and those who are most greatly impacted need to be the ones to lead the charge. You need to know my family is moving, and will no longer be an integral part of protecting your interests along the Green Valley corridor. It is up to all of you to keep the momentum going. 

There is no 'Easy' button. GVA does not have a 501c3, we do not raise funds, and we do not have a team of lawyers in our pocket. But we do have the ability to help you stay connected with each other.  This email will stay active, as will the GVA website and Facebook pages, but they will not be routinely updated and cannot be your 'go to' source. Please turn to those sources below and utilize social media.  Until we have FIVE supervisors who respect the will of the people, you need to stay engaged and participate constructively

You will find me focused on overturning the General Plan and zoning changes that Supervisors approved in December 2015 ..that's the TGPA/ZOU lawsuit from Rural Communities United (RCU). If you are not already on their email list, do that today. This is a countywide effort with countywide impacts, that every resident should already be familiar with, but may not be. It is the County's failure that so many property owners remain uninformed. 

Thank you for your support and involvement on corridor issues, and remember Green Valley corridor remains a target for excessive development, so stay connected!

Ellen Van Dyke


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