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June 11 update

posted Jun 13, 2014, 8:18 AM by Green Valley Alliance
Updates from Green Valley Alliance via email, shared here:

There is a lot going on regarding land use issues in our county. You are likely effected by at least one, if not all of them. 

The Alto Development Agreement and map extension were approved by the Board of Supervisors yesterday.  'Thank you' to those who wrote in to support the GVA's request that they not proceed without an environmental analysis.  Roger (Trout) noted the many letters in his address to the Board.  He then shrugged off the major changes that have occurred since the 2009 map approval, and agreed to use the Findings written by the developer's agent in the final approval and scheduled for the consent calendar next week.

 The next big thing!...

District 2 Supervisor's seat (Ray Nutting's seat) has been vacated as of last Friday.  We need someone to fill that seat who will prioritize County resident's interests over developer's interests.  We know that Shiva Frentzen from Cameron Park supports our position and is a proponent of the RCU initiative (the blue petition).  Most people on our distribution list are in District 1 or 4, but if you have friends in District 2, tell them to look for a candidate who is NOT supported by developers and does NOT support the Region Builders initiative.

EDH Community Services District has two seats open, and the time period to apply for one of them is shrinking. If you are interested in preserving the golf course as open space, or the Bass Lake property as a regional park, or influencing any other number of positive efforts for El Dorado Hills, these are very important seats.  You can bet the developers will have their candidates, and we should have ours too since our interests typically diverge dramatically. 

EDH Apartments in Town Center are coming up for review at the Planning Commission on Thursday June 26th. If you wish to learn more, there is an informational meeting at the firehouse, 1050 Wilson Blvd in EDH tonight at 6:30pm.  County staff bent over backwards to rewrite policies in the General Plan, Specific Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Development Standards, for this project.  Our District 1 supervisor appears to endorse this project, although the EDH Area Planning Advisory Committee does not (nor do we). 

The Wilson Estates project is back, and being reviewed at APAC tonight, 7:30pm at the EDH CSD Pavillion.  They are not on-calendar yet at the Planning Commission, so this is a good opportunity to see what is being proposed and ask questions.

The draft EIR for the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance updates will be at the Planning Commission for public comment Thursday, July 10th, 8:30am.  This update is a MAJOR overhaul - LEARN WHAT IS BEING PROPOSED. I believe it is being held in the Supervisor's hearing room so that it can be captured on video; will confirm.

The EDH executive golf-course rezone is not on calendar for Planning Commission yet that we know of. BUT if this project matters to you, get involved to comment on the Town Center apartments (above) because what they are doing there can set a precedent for what can be done on the golf course.

Hope this helps.  Hope YOU help.  Watching the deceptions by staff during the Alto hearing was disheartening, and we CANNOT let this kind of thing continue.  I cannot make you get involved, but you have to know that only multiple voices will have any effect.