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Help Reverse the TGPA/ZOU Approval

posted Feb 17, 2016, 7:57 AM by Green Valley Alliance
The following is a message shared from Rural Communities United:

The TGPA/ZOU (Targeted General Plan Amendment/Zoning Ordinance Update) approved by the Board of Supervisors Dec.15th, goes into effect March 16th. The lawsuit to overturn that approval was filed January 13th, and court-mandated settlement conferences will begin later this month.  

This is a BIG DEAL, but you would not know it from the lack of reaction in the media. It's no small wonder that the public is generally unaware of the upcoming changes.  Help us get past the media-block by sharing the attached letter with friends & neighbors via social media, and donating if you are able. Letter excerpt -

Largely unknown to the public:

·      our existing groundwater supplies are insufficient to accommodate the proposed changes. 

·      37,000 parcels will receive new zoning without notification to landowners, or adjacent landowners.

·      the changed policies reduce open space requirements, stream protections, and noise standards.

·      traffic data was misrepresented to understate the traffic impacts of the project.  

Additionally, protections requested by the Board of Forestry & Fire Protection (...and required under the 2004 General Plan..) were shrugged off as "not part of this project";  extensive agricultural zoning changes are still largely misunderstood by the property owners most impacted by them; the expansion of commercial uses into residential areas and rural regions will create unnecessary conflicts.... the list goes on, because this was no small project.

It was infinitely irresponsible for 4 of our 5 Supervisors to amend the 2004 General Plan to increase development prior to implementing its many protective mitigation measures, and then misrepresent those changes to the public. Please help us in the effort to overturn this egregious approval. 

Go to to make a tax deductible donation that will be appreciated in any amount. You will be helping to stop the TGPA/ZOU and get the required protective policies implemented before further amending the General Plan for increased development.
Green Valley Alliance,
Feb 17, 2016, 7:57 AM