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Follow up on Bio-policy vote, 6/22 BOS meeting

posted Jun 30, 2015, 4:39 PM by Green Valley Alliance
The Supervisors voted 4-0 (Novasel absent) to approve the staff's recommendations on the drafted policies. The motion included a recommendation to consider adding unspecified retention standards as an alternative in the EIR analysis.

What does this mean?  It means the EIR will now be initiated to analyze those policies. They will remain as 'draft' until completion of the environmental review, at which time the policies can be adopted. Note that "draft" does not mean they are easily changed once the EIR is initiated - it just means they have not been adopted yet. To change the 'draft' policies, the EIR would have to change accordingly, so if staff or Supervisors tell you "it's just a draft" you are not getting the whole story and you should make note of who tells you that.  A new NOP or a new EIR is not a small thing - these draft policies tell us what they intend to adopt as final.     

Watch for release of the NOP in the upcoming weeks. This will be a last opportunity prior to start of the EIR to let Supervisors know the retention standards are important to you.