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Follow up: BOS 9/30/13 results

posted Oct 2, 2013, 5:35 PM by Green Valley Alliance   [ updated Oct 3, 2013, 9:00 AM ]

Summary of outcomes for land use issues on the Monday, Sept 30th, BOS agenda:

Item 1:   LUPPU update

We just learned that via LUPPU, every parcel zoned recreational countywide is to be rezoned to either 'high' or 'low' intensity recreation.  Bass Lake is proposed to be rezoned - thru LUPPU - from natural open space recreation (walking trails), to high intensity recreation (i.e. community center).  But because this action is part of the LUPPU process, people are not required to be specifically 'noticed'.  How many other rezones are being proposed through this process that the public has not been fully informed about? 

We will be adding a page to this website as a result of this new knowledge, so stay tuned.

Item2:  Staff 'response to Measure Y' presentation  

County staff's presentation was clearly an attempt to obfuscate information and discredit the Measure Y group, rather than to present the facts to the Board.

The Caltrans letter to county staff was not provided until the meeting was in progress, but included this confirmation:

"..the portion of the segment [of US 50] from the County Line to the EDH Blvd interchange operates at LOS F during the peak hour." 


"Caltrans does, in fact, have plans to improve US 50 during the next 20 years.  These projects are indicated in Attachment A.  However, these projects will not prevent certain segments of US 50 from operating at LOS F, as indicated in the table."

Link to full letter:

This is the acknowledgement from Caltrans we have been waiting for.  The information staff shared with our Supervisors did not reflect the significance of this letter.  Measure Y is the law.  Highway 50 is at Level of Service F during peak hours.  There are still over 16,000 more homes entitled that will be adding traffic (that's a 50% increase in El Dorado Hills alone), without approving any more subdivisions, such as Dixon Ranch, Wilson Estates, or Marble Valley. These new subdivisions simply must be denied.

Item 3Green Valley Corridor Traffic Study

The funding for the study is to come from the General Plan, and outreach to communities for public meetings will begin shortly - stay tuned.  The project scope was expanded to extend the study area East to Lotus Rd.

Item 5Community Regions

The Board voted, contrary to staff recommendations, to include analysis of Community Region boundary revisions concurrently with the draft EIR release in January.  It was determined that an analysis will indeed be included in the EIR, and with maps in hand for Camino/ Pollock Pines, Shingle Springs, and El Dorado Hills, the Board may adopt revisions at that time, without necessarily waiting for completion of LUPPU. 

Item 6General Plan Amendment Initiation Process Policy

This item may very well have been the landmark "loss" of the day.  Supervisor Veerkamp proposed this policy in order to allow pending projects to be denied early if it could be shown that they would be unable to be approved in the long run.  The Caltrans letter submitted for item 2, along with a known excess supply of residential parcels available in the county, indicates we have crossed the threshold for Measure Y and should be denying these large subdivisions.  And yet this part of the policy was not approved to move forward.  This was a great disappointment to many residents, a relief to many developers, and a confusion to anyone familiar with the constraints of Measure Y.