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BOS meeting Nov.10th

posted Nov 6, 2015, 11:04 AM by Green Valley Alliance

Board of Supervisors hearing - General Plan & Zoning Ordinance update (TGPA/ZOU)

Tuesday, November 10th, 10:30am in the BOS hearing room at 330 Fair Lane Bldg A, Placerville

The Board will be meeting to review & potentially approve the update to our current 2004 'voter approved' General Plan and Zoning Ordinance.  The changes are extensive - a virtual rewrite of the Zoning Ordinance with far reaching changes, and 38 significant negative impacts that cannot be mitigated.  

The project has evolved to such a complex mass, that the average resident can barely comprehend it, but the significant impacts are quite clear: depletion of our ground water supply, increased traffic congestion, and the degrading of our overall quality of life in terms of open space reduction, noise, and air quality.  

There is huge momentum by special interests to get this passed, and Supervisors are people too, who can succumb to pressure. Please attend if you are able, and show them that this cannot be a rubber-stamp approval. They may need public support to just say 'no'. 

The video linked here was an April presentation done in collaboration with other community groups, giving an overview of some of the issues with the proposed changes:  View the video, and please attend the hearing.  Help protect quality of life in El Dorado County.

Ellen Van Dyke for GVA