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April e-blast update, sent 4/16/14

posted Apr 16, 2014, 9:11 AM by Green Valley Alliance
We have a few updates to share, as well as some FAQ's to answer regarding the RCU petition ( The following is from an email blast sent 4/16/14..

  1. On April 8th (last Tuesday), County staff AGAIN failed to provide an accurate baseline for the impact of the 17,000 currently entitled lots, and our Supervisors opted to continue on our present path of growth rather than wait for baseline clarity. THE CONTINUED DISREGARD FOR MEASURE Y CONSTRAINTS IS FUELING THE INITIATIVE MOVEMENT AIMED TO STOP THE PROPOSED PROJECTS OF DIXON RANCH, SAN STINO, AND MORE.
  2. The first Planning Commission workshop for the General Plan update draft EIR (Environmental Impact Report) is July 10th at 8:30a.m. Have you looked at the document?  We're looking for more citizen reviews - contact us if you need a "where to begin".
  3. The Mather draft EIR comments are due May 8th, and the EDH-APAC subcommittee for the project would appreciate your requests for a time extension. (More info at:
  4. Sacramento builders group, Region Builders, have released their initiative petition, and it is causing confusion for signature gatherers and signers alike.  Help us to wrap up the signature effort for the RCU petition by signing it when you see it. And remember the local petitions are BLUEYELLOWGREEN and PURPLE, while the the opposing one that will enable and encourage the large subdivisions for out of county builders is white & pink.
Initiative FAQ's:
  • Why are the paid gatherers able to solicit in front of stores when we are not?
    • They aren't "allowed" any more than we are, but volunteers are respectful of 'no solicitation' requests by management.
  • What's the difference between the developer petition and ours? - they sound so similar.
    • The 'developer' petition encourages development of low density land in the Community Region (Dixon Ranch), and modifies the General Plan such that infrastructure/water only need be 'nearby'. Additionally, the payment for road improvements is a shell game designed to save developers money.
  • The developer petition is extending Measure Y - that's good right?
    • The Measure Y committee does not support this extension. Loopholes that enable subdivisions and delay road improvements will be locked in for another 20 years.
  • Circulators for the developers' petition say they are stopping subdivisions and saving water.  Are they?
    • No.  Paid gatherers do not always know the details of the petitions they are circulating.
  • Did I sign the right one?
    • RCU is blue; other local petitions by LVC are yellow, green and purple.  The out of county one that encourages the developments we are fighting is white & pink.
Do NOT tell yourself 'nothing can be done', because there IS strength in numbers and we ARE making headway.  Thank you for following these issues with us, and help us stay on top of what our Board of Supervisors is doing!