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8/29/13 Follow up to BOS Meeting of Monday 8/26

posted Aug 29, 2013, 3:47 PM by Green Valley Alliance

To all who attended the special presentation to the Board of Supervisors on Monday, many thanks!  You filled the room and outer hall to overflowing, and you let the supervisors know that 'no gridlock' and 'responsible planning' are important to you.  If you missed the meeting and would like to view the video, it is available on the county website via this link:

We felt the presentation was well received by the Supervisors, that they asked thoughtful questions, and that they understand that this issue is a turning point in the way the county should be looking at all projects moving forward.  There were no votes intended to be taken Monday, but staff was directed to meet with members of the new Measure Y coalition, Rural Communities United, and discuss traffic, housing, and the projections to be used in the General Plan update, with feedback to be provided to the Board immediately, and a return to the agenda in 60 days.  We will keep you posted!

Two things:

1)  Rural Communities United is developing a website at, and we encourage you to visit it, as information on extending the Measure Y protections will be posted there.

2)  September 30th (...roughly one month from now...) the Board is scheduling a session to address multiple land use issues, including Community Regions, the General Plan Initiation Process Policy, possibly Wilson Estates, and more.  The intention of loading up this single meeting with items which have common issues is to reduce the amount of time people will need to take off from work in order to participate.  We will provide more information on this important date as soon as we have it, but once again, mark your calendars!

With sincere thanks for the out-showing of support,
the Green Valley Alliance