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EDC News

Lake Tahoe News, 'Developers may no longer control EDC' by Larry Wietzman 

Sac Bee, 3/13/15, 'California poised to tighten watering restrictions', by Matt Weiser

Village Life, 3/2/15, 'Dixon Ranch dissenters point to project's flaws', by Julie Samrick

Mountain Democrat, 2/27/15 Community Regions: Lines won't change soon, by Chris Daley

Village Life, 2/9/15, 'Sensible Development' groups join forces, sue county, by Julie Samrick

Sacramento Bee, 6/5/14, Growth Foes vie in El Dorado Race, by Peter Hecht

Sacramento Bee, 6/3/14, School Planned at Bass Lake, by Cathy Locke, The possible sale will be on the EID meeting agenda for Monday June 9, 9am at EID headquarters Board Rm, 2890 Mosquito Rd in Placerville.

Sacramento Bee, 5/18/14 - Mather Project draws critics, by Brad Branan - good article if you are concerned about the expansion, or not up to date on the issue.

Bass Lake Bulletin, March 2014 - great info on the Bass Lake parcel & more from the Bass Lake Action Committee

Sacramento Bee, 3/14/14 - EDC could be tapped out - Ellen Van Dyke letter to the editor

Mountain Dem, 3/5/14 - RCU Initiative holds county responsible - Bill Welty letter to the editor 

Village Life, 2/27/14 We need the RCU initiative - Bill Welty LTE

Village Life, 2/24/14, Survey says yes to open space, no to homes, by Julie Samrick

Sacramento Business Journal, 1/22/14, EDC sees commercial zoning going residential  Excerpt: "This month, county officials will see three separate proposals to rezone land originally planned for commercial development to residential,said Roger Trout, the county's development services division director. "    
    !! We need more jobs, not traffic from more housing - support the RCU initiative...

Mountain Democrat, 1/21/14, Democratic-Chronicles: Protecting our General Plan, by Gene Altshuler,  excerpt: "There is a well-founded perception that the General Plan, which is supposed to protect our quality of life, is being nibbled away at piece by piece. Death by a thousand cuts the Chinese say. Look at almost any past BOS meeting agenda and invariably you will find an item calling for a variance to a land designation, from low-density residential or agriculture to high-density residential or commercial."

Mountain Democrat, 1/16/14, Petition brings reactions, by Chris Daley

Mountain Democrat, 1/16/14, Initiative aims to halt subdivisions by Chris Daley

Mountain Democrat, 1/15/14, Democratic Chronicles; whack-a-mole, by Gene Altschuler

Sacramento Bee (online) 1/15/14, Slow-growth ballot measure launched in EDC, Tony Bizjak
Link to proposed initiative, posted on the RCU website: 'Fix Traffic/Keep Us Rural' initiative

Mountain Democrat, 1/8/14, Response to editorial on traffic presentation, Letters, Bill Center - "It does the board, and the public, no favors, when staff is not presenting the truth in a clear and unvarnished fashion."  

Sierra Club/Mother Lode newsletter, 10/22/13, Development in EDC, Jamie Beutler - The GVA received a 'thank you' and 'stay involved' message from the Shingle Springs Community Alliance, wrapping up the years' efforts. Thank YOU SSCA!  Attached was this write up from the Fall/Winter Sierra Club newsletter that we had not shared in October, that really shows the positive effect a community effort can have for being heard on land use issues.
Thanks to Jamie for the write up, to Lori for the reminder, and to you, the community, for getting involved.

Mountain Democrat, 12/20/13, He said, He said, Chris Daley.  Excerpt:  " Assistant CAO Kim Kerr challenged the conclusions of the Measure Y committee as presented by Center and said, "...we need to be able to counter (Center's data) with our consultants."  "  Just an FYI..ALL data in the presentation was from county staff or Caltrans.

Mountain Democrat, 12/6/13, Letter to the Editor, Bill Welty, 'Highway 50 at LOS F'

Village Life, 11/7/13, ARCO station gets the go ahead, Julie Samrick

Mountain Democrat, 10/28/13, Supervisors knock 40% off Wilson Estates, Chris Daley

Mountain Democrat, 10/22/13, Letter to the Editor, Bill Welty, 'Tuesday's BOS meeting: Judgement Day' 

Mountain Democrat, 10/18/13, Supes want early look at development, Chris Daley

Mountain Democrat, 10/15/13, Letter to the Editor by Bill Welty, Must deny, if does not comply, with Measure Y

Village Life, 10/7/13, County, Measure Y in gridlock, Julie Samrick 
   Thank you Julie, for showing why the public is frustrated!  In answer to Supervisor Santiago's question "what are the numbers?" staff answers: "New developments are subject to Measure Y". Not only does that not answer the question, but that particular remark is not supposed to be under debate...read the article for more.

Mountain Democrat, Letter to the Editor, Ellen Van Dyke

Mountain Democrat, 9/4/13, Pro-Growth, No-growth, Slow-growth; BOS listens to public points, Chris Daley, Coverage of Monday's Measure Y presentation to the Board of Supervisors 

Mountain Democrat, 9/4/13, Measure Y's strength, Chris Daley

Sacramento Bee, 8/12/13, Letter to the Editor by Mary Lou Giles..." The voters of El Dorado County have made their wishes known; we do not want the drain on our water resources, the pollution and traffic gridlock, and the impact on infrastructure and county services that a development rampage will bring. "  

Mountain Democrat, 8/14/13, County Eyes Green Valley Road Traffic Study, Chris Daley

Sacramento Bee, 8/9/2013, Wave of new El Dorado development projects fuels fight with slow growth advocates, Peter Hecht  " ..Dixon Ranch-faces resistance from a neighbors' group called the Green Valley Alliance."

Mountain Democrat 8/2/13, Green Valley Convenience Center under review Dawn Hodson

Sacramento Bee, 7/7/13, Comment sought for new policy on development, Cathy Locke; ..new policy requires "initiation" hearing before the BOS for residential projects that increase density beyond that allowed by the General Plan.  (note: 30 day comment period; county encouraging responses by 8/2 with a decision expected in September!) 

Mountain Democrat, Group eyes ballot measure, 7/5/13 opinion, J.Moore 

Mountain Democrat, BOS has plate full of issues by Chris Daley 7/1/13; covers 6/27 BOS workshop.

Mountain Democrat, EID Bleeding Red Ink; water availability and EID expansion will be a huge issue for some of these new developments; get up to speed

Mountain Democrat, Slow Growth Advocates battling EDH Projects, 6/26/13

Village Life, 4/22/13, Visioning Exercise Attracts 150

Mountain Democrat, 3/29/13, Letter to the Editor: "Council of Communities and Pollock Pines"

Mountain Democrat, 3/27/13, Letter to the Editor regarding CEDAC:  "Community Councils"

Sacramento Business Journal
, 3/21/13:   "No Plans yet for rezoned commercial land in EDH"

Mountain Democrat, Letter 4/5/13:  "No San Stino Development"...substitute the name "Dixon" and this letter could have been written for us..keep our zoning low density and move those Community Region boundaries!

Shingle Springs is fighting many of our same battles. 
See their website shinglespringscommunityalliance.com for more info!!

Green Valley Alliance,
Oct 2, 2013, 12:47 PM
Green Valley Alliance,
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