Proposed projects requiring General Plan amendments, plus some of the approved & not yet completed projects (EDH to ShingleSprings):

12/3/13 BOS Video Clip - Level of Service F and Hwy 50 discussion - 'thanks' to our friends at Shingle Springs Community Alliance for sharing this video clip from the Board hearing 12/3. Supervisors Briggs, Veerkamp, and Mikulaco, dare to ask the question county staff has been afraid to address: have we hit the limit on these large subdivisions?  County residents are still waiting for staff to stop playing games and deal with the fact that they took the wrong path on the General Plan update and need a course correction to stay within Measure Y constraints.

"The Twelve Days of Wilson":   Day 12 Day 11 * Day 10 * Day 9 * Day 8 * Day 7 * Day 6 * Day 5 Day 4 * Day 3 Days 1 and 2

Wilson Estates density graphic 

Measure Y slide presentation for the BOS 8/26/13 - The short story on this is that proposed projects such as the high density Dixon Ranch, are in violation of Measure Y.  The longer story is that the Board is being shown an alternative to the high growth forecast of the current General Plan, which includes living within our available infrastructure and the possibility of reducing the much maligned traffic impact mitigation (TIM) fees.

Community Region Workshop 6/27/13GVA Slides outlining a simple overview of why an adjustment to the CR boundaries could and should be done now, for discussion in Thursday's workshop.

Traffic at Silva Valley/Green Valley - Slideshow of a typical Thursday morning at this intersection; photos taken 4/18/13.  This demonstrates why we do not need to be adding traffic 'upstream', on the rural stretch of Green Valley Rd.  Keep it rural; fix the signalization; get a corridor traffic study and a plan - we do not want to be forced into a 4 lane Green Valley Rd because we did not plan.  (thank you John & Kelley Garcia!)

Wilson Estates Traffic slideshow   -Excerpts from 15 minutes of observation by the Garcia's,translated into a short slideshow for the Board of Supervisors - January 2013

Dixon Video Presentation  -Dixon Ranch presentation - June of 2012.  The project description was modified in December 2012 to include a total of 610 lots, and a preliminary site plan is available (see 'projects')

Low Density Residential in keeping with the General Plan, would allow the Dixon project to accommodate approximately 50 lots.  As proposed under a General Plan amendment to High Density Residential, those same 50 units - 52 actually -  would occur within the red square in the graphic below, as a subset of the 610 units in total:

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Green Valley Corridor Images

'Flawed Process' slideshow   - Our County's flawed planning process is demonstrated in these slides. Click on the link (above) to access, then select the first slide rather than 'slideshow' to go at your own pace!

...first slide should look like this:.