About Us

Green Valley Alliance:  gvralliance@gmail.com  

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The Vision:

To ensure our quality of life and maintain our region's unique community, cultural, and environmental assets.

Our Mission/Objective:

The Green Valley Road corridor is being adversely affected by rampant high density rezoning projects from East to West.  The Green Valley Alliance mission is to ensure that policies and procedures are followed which support responsible growth while protecting our resources.  This can be accomplished through communication and collaboration with government, land developers, and the public.           


The Green Valley Alliance originated out of several local residents' concerns over proposed land developments along Malcolm Dixon Road. A major concern was, and is, the traffic generated on the winding Malcolm Dixon Road and across the narrow and historic Pony Express bridges. New projects continue to be proposed all along Malcolm Dixon Road and the Green Valley Corridor, with traffic safety, environmental concerns and negative economic impacts common issues among all of them.  El Dorado County, in the midst of economic difficulties, continues to propose amendments to the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance that will make it significantly easier for developers to convert low density land for high density uses. The Green Valley Alliance was formed to present a stronger community voice and advance the common interest of preserving the rural character of our county through responsible development and planning.

No office...No phone....grass roots at their finest.

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email: gvralliance@gmail.com