Community Regions

General Plan Policy Community Regions to define those areas which are appropriate for the highest intensity of self-sustaining compact urban-type development or suburban type development within the County .....  These boundaries shall be shown on the General Plan land use map.

The Community Region boundary lines were changed under a previous Board of Supervisors to include lands that are rural and unsupported by the roads, sewer, water, or schools required for an urban population.  Some of these lands were even zoned AE (Agricultural Estate) and included in Williamson Act contracts, which is quite contrary to high density use.  The changes were made by site specific requests to the Board, and the general public was not made aware that this would have any effect on them.  

Fast forward to today, when the owners of these parcels are cashing in on that action, and proposing high density rezoning in areas designated for low or medium density, based on the fact that these parcels are in Community Regions.  (Note:  Only parcels within Community Regions may have high density/R1 zoning)

C.R.Boundary lines as they exist:                                 C.R.Boundary lines as GVA believes they should be:

                                                                    (bigger view?)

This information is available in the General Plan, but it is a large document that many people are not familiar with. We depend on our county representatives to do what is right for residents. High density development allowed into an area without the supporting infrastructure will require a huge expenditure of funds to beef up our roads and schools, with the cost borne largely on the shoulders of existing residents in the form of taxes, as well as the loss of the rural life many of us moved here for.

Do not sit idly by or assume someone else will take care of this, because it will take more than just a few voices in order to be heard.

April 2013
Click here for GVA request to the Board for C.R. boundary change (...and a better view of the maps)

May 2013
On May 7th, the Board of Supervisors requested a summary of options and ramifications of amending the Community Region boundaries in multiple areas of the County. The White Paper was put together by Roger Trout and released to the public for review on 6/11/13.  Read the Community Region "White Paper"  here.  A public workshop will be hosted by the Board and held at the end of the month.  See 'Announcements' for more info as we receive it.

June 2013
Click here for Green Valley Alliance slide show submitted as Public Comment for the 6/27 Workshop. 
Board of Supervisors June 27 Agenda, with links to staff letters and public comment submissions. Minutes reflect Staff was directed to "return in approximately 60 days with a work plan pertaining to costs and next steps"

Sept 2013
Board Meeting 9/30, details and public comments from this meeting here.  Staff agreed in the staff report for this meeting that the Community Region boundaries would be addressed in the TGPA (Attachment 1, item 4A staff memo; see pg2, response to item 2) but they back-peddled on the specifics of the EIR that will allow the amendments to happen.  The supervisors are on board with the wishes of the community and voted to revisit this with the release of the EIR (current estimate: February)

Feb 2014
After a drawn out process of getting staff to acknowledge that the Community Region boundary review was indeed included in the current General Plan update (staff memo 9/30/13), the Board of Supervisors voted on 2/25/14 to remove it, per county staff request.  The RCU initiative is looking like the straightest route to deal with lands designated as low density residential that fall within the Community Region. This initiative would stop the amendments poised to change these lands to high density subdivisions, which are so not in keeping with their rural surroundings.

December 2014
The Board of Supervisors directed county staff 12/9/14 to prepare a Resolution of Intention for contracting the Community Region boundaries in the Green Valley Corridor area (based on the maps shown at the top of the page here) and in Shingle Springs (based on the SSCA maps).

February 2015
BOS 2/26/15 was presented with an ROI from staff, as directed Dec. 9th, 2014. County staff prioritized this item as the very least priority among all ongoing projects, and added a $150,000 price tag.  Supervisors voted to put the Community Region review into the next General Plan update beginning 2016.  

October 25, 2016
Supervisors reneged on their most recent promise to address the problem of low density lands within the Community Region, and REMOVED the study from the next General Plan update. We need new Supervisors, so vote wisely.

Green Valley Alliance,
May 7, 2013, 6:05 AM
Green Valley Alliance,
Jun 25, 2013, 6:23 PM