Project Locations & Existing GV Road Access Points 
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Generations at Green Valley (aka Dixon Ranch successor): Preapplication Review PA17-0002 was heard by the Board of Supervisors 10/24/17.

Dixon Ranch (Z11-0008PD11-0006Map.  Proposed rezone of 280 acres Agriculture Estate to High Density Residential to accommodate 605 units.  Link to GVA slide show for 3/8/16 BOS hearing. Link to video of residents presenting the slide show during public comment for that hearing.

Close of Public Comment for the Draft EIR was Feb 9, 2015 (click on link to access DEIR docs via the Planning website)  Project was continued 'off-calendar' at the BOS hearing March 8, 2016.

For County staff reports and public comments Click here .  You can find the responses to your Draft EIR questions in the "Final Response to Comments" document, attachment 3H.

status update:  DENIED by a 3-2 vote on Feb 14, 2017

County Planner:  Lillian McLeod, 

UPDATE:   New project application submitted 8/16/17 (PA17-0002) with NEW project name "Generations at Green Valley" and a revised map to create 439 residential lots.


EDH Apartments in Town Center (A. Spanos) -   End of DEIR comment period: 8/30/17

Revised project (A16-0001): application submitted April 2016 shows 214 units; EIR docs posted on County's project page for A16-0001.

Link to 12/14/17 staff report and public comments:

Old project: (Z14-0001, A14-0001, SP86-0002R, PD94-0004-R-2) General Plan Amendment and Rezone to double the allowed zoning and allow a 250 unit luxury apartment complex in Town Center.  View the MND (environmental doc) and staffs report by clicking on the project number. 
Click here to access the County webpage for documents from the 12/2/14 BOS hearing. 

BOS final approval given Dec 2, 2014.  Legal action filed Jan 2, 2015 by Save Our County and Citizens for Sensible Development in EDH .  Opening Brief available here

Status12/18/15 Courts overturned the BOS approvalThat's a 'win' for residents opposed to the project- unknown if the ruling will be appealed. ( and )


Equestrian Springs (Z04-0015, P08-0036, S01-0011) Map .  Proposed rezone of 40 acres of a 140 acre low density residential parcel, into recreational zoning to accommodate a center which includes a 19,600 sf commercial building and more. 

For County staff reports and public comments on County's Legistar page click here

Status:  Planning Commission hearing scheduled for April 27, 2017, with an Applicant request for continuance to May 25th. 

Update:  revised project resubmitted; last anticipated date for return to PC was March or April 2016
Update: at the Planning Commission hearing 10/23/14, project was again continued off calendar.
Update 9/5/13:  APAC review scheduled for 9/11/13.  No new plans have been posted on county website as of this date, and are available only by special request to the planner, or in person at the Planning Services counter. Wetland issue is not yet resolved, but project appears to be moving forward.
Update 6/17/13:  Project has been resubmitted, but is not yet posted for review.

Letters (click on link to read in full):
  • APAC 9-29-13  "The El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory committee (APAC), reviewed the Springs Equestrian Center project at its September 11th 2013 meeting and has some major concerns that the project, as currently configured, will impact the El Dorado Hills area and a full EIR with a current Traffic impact analysis must be completed before the project is submitted to the Planning Commission."
  • Army Corps of Engineers 8-30-12 _Notice of Violation issued with regard to unauthorized work in wetland area.
County Planner:  Aaron Mount,

Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan

Status:  Recirculated sections of the Draft EIR released for public comment 4/22/16; comment period closes June 6, 2016 5pm.  Still awaiting release of the Final EIR as of 2/20/17.

Access the County's page for the Draft EIR and Recirculated sections:

APAC Letter to Army Corps of Engineers regarding premature filling of wetlands prior to project approval. Comment deadline 3/17/17 for ACE file no. SPK-2009-00387

NOP for Draft EIR - Proposal includes transfer of entitlements from Serrano's EDH Specific Plan to the Central EDH Specific plan. 
Click here to access Draft EIR

CSD Letter 6/7/13 - Request to the Board of Supervisors to maintain the golf course property as open space 

The EDH CSD sponsored Advisory Vote in November - 'Measure E' - resulted in 91% of EDH voters telling the BOS 'keep the old golf course as open space'.  More info at

County Planner:  Mel Pabalinas,


Bass Lake

1) On 4/28/2016 the Planning Commission approved changes to the Conditions of Approval for 3 projects that alter the concurrency requirements for road improvements, and will allow the specific plan development to move forward. This decision does not go to the Board of Supervisors automatically, and will be final if not appealed. The 3 projects are Hawk View (TM00-1371R), Bell Woods (TM01-1380R), and Bell Ranch (TM96-1321R).

Update 6/16/16:  
Appeal of PC decision filed May 11 by A. Chaudhary has been withdrawn.

Misc. Resources:

Link to the 2013 staff memo that was the basis for the BOS to deny these concurrency changes previously: 

Link to 2013 meeting details:


2) The General Plan & Zoning update approved in Dec. 2015 changed the lake parcel zoning from natural open space in perpetuity, to low intensity recreational use (RFL). Legal action was filed by RCU ( to overturn the blanket rezoning of 37,000+ parcels, which included this parcel.


3) the Regional Park proposal is considered an open item with the County Parks Dept, but it is not currently being actively pursued. The fate of Bass Lake, as affected by a sale of the property, is undetermined, but is under discussion in many county venues.  Will it become a regional park? a school? soccer fields?  See the links below for more info, and voice your opinions/concerns with your Supervisor, and that of District 1 (Mikulaco). 

Bass Lake Action Committee (BLAC) -
Fish & Game letter (recv'd by BLAC 1/14/14) to Supervisor Mik - click here
BLAC letter to the Board of Supervisors - click here
Use APN 115-400-12 for proposed zone change info - LUPPU map


[Village of] Marble Valley Specific Plan - SP12-0003
Approximately 395 housing units were previously approved for Marble Valley, south of Hwy 50 between Cameron Park and EDH.  The current proposal is for an expansion of that approval to include 3,236 residential units and 475K square feet of commercial space.  Click on the project link above to access the county page for the project. 

Status:  The notice of preparation for the draft EIR went out in Feb '13, and the draft EIR is in progress (not yet released as of 2/20/17)


Green Valley Convenience Center; aka ARCO AM/PM (S12-0015/PD12-0003) Proposed commercial  Map

Status: Focused EIR and project APPROVED by the BOS 3/22/16

BOS Approved Sept 2013; Appealed Oct 2013 and lawsuit filed Jan 2014 by Friends of Green Valley group. Settlement required a focused EIR, (can be accessed via project page); meeting docs and public comments from County's Legistar page here

County Planner: Tiffany Schmid,


Wilson Estates (Z11-0007/TM11-1504) Proposed 49 units  map (access county website for better copy!)
Status:  BOS 11/4/14 approved a new plan for 28 lots, consistent with R1A zoning for 28 lots on 28 acres.. 


Alto Subdivision (Z06-0005, TM06-1408, PD06-0006) This rezone from Agriculture Estate to RE5 was approved in 2009, and the map expiration was subsequently extended until 2016. The June 2014 request was for a further map extension through 2029 without additional environmental review.  However, no Oak removal mitigation has been addressed since the 'Option B' mitigation was thrown out by court order in 2012.

Status:  BOS approval June 10,2014 to extend map 15 years via Development Agreement

County Planner:  Roger Trout   


Winn Commercial (Z11-0004) Proposed commercial.  Map      
Status:  Rezone & General Plan Amendment approved 3/19/13, but proposed project was denied. 


Previously approved projects:
Silver Springs (approved; map finaled in 2006) TM97-1330  - RE5 rezoned to R1; 244 units
La Canada (approved)  Z11-0007   - AE rezoned to RE5, for 47 units
    update 7/3/13: tentative map expired 12/10/12; new map required to go through Planning Commission
Diamonte (approved) Z06-0027   - AE rezoned to RE5, for 22 units
    update 7/3/13: tentative map expired 10/27/12; new map required to go through Planning Commission
Grande Amis (approved)  Z05-0015  - AE rezoned to RE5 for 8 units
    update 8/5/13:  not finaled. split into 2 phases in order to final map for existing house on lot 8 only.
Alto (approved) Z06-0005   - AE rezoned to RE5 for 23 units. Map expires May 5, 2016
    update 7/3/13: map extension request pending
    update 4/17/14:  Planning Commission review Thursday 4/24/14, of Development Agreement with map extension 
Summer Brook (approved) Z07-0012   - AE/RE10 rezoned to RE5 for 29 units

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