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TGPA / ZOU_Litigation: PENDING

TGPA: Targeted General Plan Amendment
ZOU:   Zoning Ordinance Update

County's project page:

Link to EIR documents

Dec 15, 2015 El Dorado County Supervisors voted to amend the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance, in spite of 38 significant and unmitigated impacts, including 
  1. insufficient groundwater supplies to accommodate the changes, and
  2. zoning changes that increase fire safety hazard, and
  3. rezoning of 37,000 parcels in the County without notification to property owners or their neighbors. 
From the Environmental Impact Report (EIR):
"Impact WS-2: [the project will] substantially deplete groundwater supplies or interfere substantially with groundwater recharge, resulting in a net deficit in aquifer volume or a lowering of the local groundwater table level (e.g. the production rate of pre-existing nearby wells would drop to a level that would not support existing land uses or planned uses FOR WHICH PERMITS HAVE BEEN GRANTED)(Significant and unavoidable)"

If you are just now learning of this, it is not too late to donate to the legal effort to overturn the decision, and to help spread the word.

Link to public comments and meeting docs from the TGPA/ZOU hearings: 

Nov  2011      Dec '11-Nov '12        Dec 2012              through 2013     3/24/14 -release        Aug 2015- response
adopt ROI's Policies drafted Notice of Preparation draft EIR prep dEIR public review >  to public comment
                                                 (NOP) for the EIR                                                               Final EIR released

Planning Commission         Board of Supervisors       Rural Communities United group files lawsuit; donate to
recommendation to BOS >  Approved: 12/15/2015 >   the legal fund at

What are the changes:  
The majority of proposed policies are focused on reducing constraints to development. County staff will tell you that they are supporting job creation and capture of sales tax revenue, but Community advocacy groups have found that protections are being reduced and eliminated, with density increasing policies in all areas, but particularly in Community Regions such as EDH, Cameron Park and Shingle Springs.

Check your parcel numbers to confirm if you are impacted by the zoning changes- 37,000 of you are.  Link:

Click here for slide show prepared & presented by citizens for citizens, in 4/29/15 meeting in Cameron Park.

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